Get your first year of experience with us
- Complete 8 to 24 active projects in the consulting, finance and investment field during the 4 months of training.
- Expand your knowledge with the help of our library of knowledge and lectures from business analysts from consulting, and increase your chances of employment with the help of useful acquaintances!
- Start earning with us from 300 euros per month after the first block of training and in parallel with your studies!
- Get lectures, seminars and workshops from current directors of venture capital funds, heads of consulting companies and HR-coaches from consulting companies
- Get a job offer in consulting, finance or venture fund after a year of study and practice with us!
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the profession
A business systems analyst comprehensively assesses the state of an organization, predicts risks, chooses directions for business growth and development, forms and defends reports and recommendations for financial decision-making before the management.

During the Intensive you will work with existing innovative projects of consulting companies and venture funds, learn to solve current operational tasks of the analyst and build a portfolio proving your first year of experience.

In addition, a person who has successfully completed the tasks of the program has the necessary skill set to organize his/her own startup without making many beginners' mistakes.
Where is it required?
  • Consulting companies
  • Strategic sections of IT-companies
  • Venture funds
  • Innovation banks
  • Startups
  • Axelerators
Doing what?
  • Development of a financial model
  • Development of the company's development strategy
  • Market analytics
  • Creation of investment teasers
  • Evaluation of investment attractiveness of projects
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Risk and cost control
  • Launching new products
Total immersion in your future profession!
Working and practicing in existing projects and getting feedback from customers or project managers
How it goes
4 months of study
  • Access
    You get access to a knowledge library, with built-in AI sharpened to solve business consulting challenges, and live lectures and seminars from industry and industry experts

  • Practice
    You will participate in ongoing projects on a monthly basis as well as weekly tasks that will prepare you for success in job interviews
  • Theory
    You learn the theory you need to solve practical problems, gaining full immersion in the profession from the first months of training!
  • Expert assistance
    We organize weekly lectures and workshops with trackers and experts with 5+ years of experience
  • Student ranking
    You attend lectures, defend projects and rise higher and higher in the ranking, which gives VERY nice bonuses, for example, getting paid projects already on the first block of the Intensive!
  • Teams
    We assemble strong teams that interact with trackers, managers and future employers!
  • Recommendations
    After completing each project, you will receive a letter of recommendation from your EVA manager, tracker or management team
  • Free schedule
    Watch the lectures and seminars can be recorded, in your free time from school or work. We recommend 15 hours per week to maximize your results
Going through the intensives
at free time
The Intensive will be held online. Lectures, seminars and workshops will be recorded. Combine the workshop with work or study - get maximum benefit and immersion in business processes at high speed.

The assignments will take at least two hours to complete on weekdays, and we also recommend getting involved in projects on weekends. Participation will be truly INTENSIVE! Our alumni will confirm this at the online meeting!:)

In case of full completion of the Intensive, we guarantee you exclusive career opportunities and demand on the labor market! It will be YOU who will choose, not you!
Four blocks of training
0-4 months
Business Intelligence Fundamentals course
Participation in existing projects as a business analyst
Hr-block: introduction to the profession and career guidance
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4-8 months
Advanced Financial Modeling Course
IT-Product Manager course
Executing paid projects and leading training projects
Preparation for case championships
Hr-block: Searching for and completing internships
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8-12 months
Technical Analysis Course: SQL, Phyton
IT-Product Manager course
Execution of paid projects in the role of a project manager
HR block: building career trajectory and interviewing
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Intensive Graduate Program (365 days)
Job search by EVA!
Conclusion of a contract, according to which the job search for each participant is conducted on an individual basis depending on the needs!
Access to the community
Private events
Exclusive orders
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team intensive
Week 1
Week 1
  • An introduction to tech entrepreneurship.
  • An overview of the industry.
  • Major players.
  • Startups, corporations, foundations.
  • The difference between a business and a startup.
  • The structure of the Weekly Report.
  • Creating an investment teaser.
  • How to present a project in front of investors.
  • Starting work in teams.
Week 2
Week 2
  • What is consulting.
  • Structuring business tasks.
Week 3
Week 3
  • Market research:
  • Tools for market research and project scoring.
  • Description of market structure, development trends and current problems.
  • Useful tools for market analysis.
  • Calculation of market capacity and PAM/TAM/SAM/SOM.
Week 4
Week 4
  • Differentiation from competitors.
  • Risk management plan.
  • Financial model of the company.
Week 5
Week 5
  • Financial Analysis. Basic formulas and relationships in finance:
  • Capex/Opex modeling;
  • CF modeling;
  • NPV modeling;
  • BM stability checks by different methods;
  • Calculation of indicators and optimization of parameters;
  • Finding the optimal business model and tolerances;
  • Taxes and optimization models.
Week 6
Week 6
Financial Modeling. You will learn what principles should be followed when building an ideal model of a company's valuation, understand how the three reporting forms are related and how specific balance sheet lines affect a company's valuation.
Week 7
Week 7
  • What is a company appraisal?
  • Types of project appraisal.
  • Logic of project evaluation in corporations/funds/business angels.
  • Project team evaluation and validation.
  • How to use templates and useful materials to speed up the estimation process.

  • Details:
  • Capital assets and partners;
  • operating costs and logistics;
  • staff training;
  • marketing.
Week 8
Week 8
Formation and defense of the investment proposal.
Week  9
Week  9
Completion of 3 versions of business plans, for:
- partners;
- consumers;
- investors.
Summary of the project.

Investment fights. Training sparring. Formation of team ratings
Week 10
Week 10
Investment battles. Sparring on real tasks
The result of the "Sparring" block will be the participants' ratings, the list of EVA-Leaders - EVA-team captains.

At this stage, participants are offered to move to the playoffs. In case of refusal, participation in the Intensive ends.

The participant receives:
  • materials on all modules passed,
  • unlimited participation in the Telegram community,
  • exclusive invitations to other EVA and partner events,
  • the opportunity to organize their own project and receive feedback from EVA experts,
  • experience and portfolio of projects realized during the Intensive.
Feedback from our students
Renata Habibulina
I really enjoyed my internship at EVA. It gave me the opportunity to get into (and grow in) the business analytics field. I especially liked working with real cases and projects (a cool opportunity to add to my portfolio and pump up my skills) + mega-useful lectures

Denis Tarasov
It was an unforgettable and productive journey into the world of knowledge.
I was lucky enough to participate in the first stream of this school. In addition to knowledge and new skills, I gained experience. The main distinguishing feature of this school is the opportunity to gain experience by working on projects during the training. As a result, after the training I gained not only knowledge but also experience.
After graduation, the employees help me find an internship, and there are also occasional opportunities to participate in interesting projects.
Варя Позднякова
Делает то-то там-то
Elestory is a big team of professionals and very responsible people. We started working with Elestory 3 years ago, and every year their business program becomes better. They maintain their best level.
What I can be after graduation
Venture analyst
A specialist who analyzes investment opportunities for venture capital companies or startups
Аverage salary: 5,000 euros
Financial expert
Manages finances, analyzes financial information, develops strategy and plans, and makes financial decisions

Аverage salary: 4,500 euros
Business consultant
Provides advice and guidance to companies to improve their business processes, efficiency and profitability

Аverage salary: 4,100 euros
Create your own startup
The training will allow you to do a thorough market analysis, make a plan and strategy, and gain other skills to achieve your goal

Аverage salary: 5,000 euros
Tariffs and registration

Basic tariff

  • Execution of 8 active projects in 4 months;
  • Dividing into teams based on similar interests and goals;
  • Weekly preparation for interviews by completing short tasks with a useful outcome;
  • Meeting with a tracker to answer questions in an online format once a week;
  • Access to live lectures and seminars from experts from the consulting, finance and investment industry;
  • Access to a database of templates and examples of business intelligence tasks;
  • At the end of the intensive: portfolio template and NFT certificate;
  • Receipt of a general letter of recommendation for the internship;
  • Invitation to the EVA alumni private chat room
  • Access to commercial projects after 4 months of training
  • Opportunity to get a "grant" for advanced training and full immersion in the analyst's work
Pay the tariff
Submit an application

95 euros/month

Payment is made within 4 months.
With full payment, a discount of 105 euros

Advanced tariff

  • Participation in large-scale and international projects: 16 active projects in 4 months
  • Weekly preparation for interviews through short tasks with useful results with individualized OS;
  • Dividing into teams with similar interests;
  • Practice in IT-product manager tasks: analytics, hypothesis validation, working with TOR and deadlines, project management.
  • Access to live lectures and seminars from experts from the consulting, finance and investment industry;
  • Access to practice-oriented seminars - workshops twice a month with a full breakdown of tasks;
  • Ongoing personalized tracker support in group chat;
  • Unlimited number of online consultations with the project manager at the participant's initiative;
  • Access to ChatGPT 4.0 for business intelligence tasks
  • Training on ChatGPT 4.0 for analytical tasks
  • At the end of the Intensive: NFT certificate, individual portfolio, individual resume;
  • Guaranteed internship;
  • Invitation to the closed chat room of EVA alumni;
  • You will be the first to get access to EVA commercial orders.

Optimal tariff

  • Participation in large-scale projects for corporations and technology companies: 12 practical projects in 4 months;
  • Dividing into teams with similar interests and re-forming them if necessary;
  • Weekly preparation for interviews through short tasks with a useful result, with an individual OS
  • Access to live lectures and seminars from experts from the consulting, finance and investment industry;
  • Access to practice-oriented seminars - workshops twice a month with a full breakdown of tasks;
  • Access to a database of templates and examples of business analytics tasks
  • Ongoing tracker support in group chat;
  • Ongoing interaction with project manager: 2+ years in consulting, finance, investment;
  • Training in ChatGPT 4.0 for analytical tasks;
  • At the end of the intensive: NFT-certificate, individual portfolio, resume template;
  • Support during the internship search;
  • Invitation to the closed chat room of EVA alumni;
  • Access to commercial projects after 4 months of training.

Free participation

  • Completion of 2 active projects each month;
  • Online meetings with the project manager 2 times a month;
  • Access to lectures and support materials in a simplified knowledge library;
  • Quality introductions in the EVA community;
  • Access to the EVA alumni open chat room;
  • Announcements of open events from our partners;
Submit an application
Pay the tariff
Submit an application

375 euros/month

Payment is made within 4 months.
If paid in full, a discount of 500 euros
Pay the tariff
Submit an application

180 euros/month

Payment is made within 4 months.
If paid in full, a discount of 180 euros
We'll help you decide
Not sure if our intensive is right for you?

Contact us - we will send informative guides on professions and answer all your questions!
Our recommendations for successful completion of the Intensive
  1. Devote 15 to 25 hours per week to successful outcomes
  2. Attend lectures and workshops or watch them on tape and complete quizzes
  3. Fully immerse yourself in the work process while gaining dynamic experience and useful business connections
  4. It is important to us that you are attentive to project manager and tracker feedback.
We work with
Our team
  • Aleksei Shabarshin
    Student employment
  • Leo Kriukov
    B2B and B2C sales
    IT platform
    B2B order fulfillment
  • Egor Nikolaev
    Senior Analyst
    Educational Program
  • Daria Sigida
    Program Manager
    Business Analyst
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Eurasian Venture Academy "EVA" is a private company accelerating professions in the spheres of innovation, technology and investment.

We are engaged in the development of professional competencies and skills of specialists for technology and innovation companies, investment and state funds, for the markets of the Russian Federation, EAEU and SCO.
Since the beginning of 2015, EVA has trained more than 1,000 professionals, the best of whom hold senior positions in major Russian and international companies. Our model is based on the creation of project teams competing to solve real problems of public and private corporations within a short timeframe. As a result of the training, the participants of the winning team confirm their competence for employment in the organization that set the task. The effectiveness of this approach is confirmed by successful projects with such companies as Burger RUS LLC (Burger King), Vimpelcom PJSC (Beeline) and a number of other large federal corporations.
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