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EVA Academy is an IT consulting services platform for small and medium-sized businesses, technology companies, and large-scale corporations. Our innovative business model allows us to make consulting services accessible to everyone. We've universalized consulting, finance and venture capital investments.

Perspective and modern projects with beginners and highly professional specialists are connected here!

Also on the EVA Academy IT-platform you can take an intensive course, at the end of which each participant receives invaluable knowledge on business analytics or improves his/her qualification.

Prospective business analysts will find exclusive internships and vacancies from our partners on our platform. Partners will save time and effort searching for quality and proven professionals, and will be able to test business analysts in combat before inviting them to join the company's staff!

Our mission is to create value for our clients and partners!

Connecting talents
and promising ideas
Proven Junior+ and Middle+ analysts join our B2B partners' projects to pursue their goals together! Partners get quality results, and analysts get dynamic experience and promising projects in their portfolios!

Our Guarantees:
  • Safe transaction
  • Proven specialists
  • Reliable partners
  • Fixed payment for results
  • Constant flow of orders for business analysts
  • B2B partners save up to 3000 euros per month!

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  • Medium and small
  • Consulting companies
  • Venture funds
  • Strategic divisions of corporations
Looking for trusted analysts?
Automated internships, short-term projects, vetted sourcing and turnkey projects. We do it all !
We save precious hours of department managers with the help of automated platform, customer success managers and modern training :)
We offer you to become a partner of "EVA Academy" and set a task relevant for the organization, which will be solved by several teams within the agreed timeframe.
As a result, you will receive several options for solving the problem, as well as specialists who have proven their readiness to integrate into your team.
You want to be
an analyst?
The right choice! Analytical skills are the most in-demand competencies in the world and will be so for at least 5 years!
Join our team of analysts or get training and get access to paid orders from our partners after 6 months of intensive training!
JUST Get Results
Entrust all your analytical tasks to our experts!
  • No more searching for freelancers, reviewing resumes, and interviewing people
  • Only proven professionals and our best alumni are involved!
  • Forget about overdue deadlines and constant employee training!
  • Expand the number of orders. Take care of the strategy, we'll take care of the operational tasks!
  • Make safe transactions. Transparent pricing and support from our managers!
  • Take the cost of hiring employees off your plate and focus on growing your own company!
  • Automate internships with us and save managers time in your company!
  • Train your team of business analysts at our site!
Progressive, proactive and flexible team - a pleasure to do business with!
  • Expertise
    We work with cool industry and sector experts with a narrow focus!
  • Invisibility
    Our wide range of specialists and their many years of experience enable us to fulfill orders from various industries without any loss of quality
  • Individual approach
    With state-of-the-art technology and high-quality professionals - we take the time to focus on the details, bringing together in-depth analysis and responsive work execution
  • Economy
    Thanks to modern technology and an innovative business model, our prices are twice as favorable as those of our competitors. And all this without losing quality.
Сompleted cases
Pivot project Seshka
Comprehensive investment packaging, including the creation of an investment presentation, financial model about the valuation of the company

Services rendered

  • Second-Hand Fashion Retail market analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Financial model and company valuation
  • Full-fledged investment presentation according to the standards of the world's best venture funds
  • Sending applications to the best venture funds of the country
  • Recommendations on implementing innovativeness in the product


  • Sent applications to more than 5 venture capital funds and many business angels.
  • Created an investment presentation
  • We made a 4-year cash flow forecast for the company.
  • Calculated the company's valuation
Proptech market research
Comprehensive research of the real estate and Proptech market in 11 countries to identify M&A-targets and assess the feasibility of entering new markets.

Services rendered

  • Real estate and Proptech market analysis in 11 countries
  • Market segmentation and development forecast for each segment
  • Detailed analysis of competitors
  • Creation of hypotheses and recommendations on the most demanded technologies in the real estate sector
  • Researching trends and tendencies in the Proptech sector
  • Provided recommendations on pricing policy in the target market


  • Evaluated the feasibility of introducing the client's products to target markets
  • Selected the most in-demand technologies in the real estate sector
  • Identified the most promising M&A targets
Our Cases: Blue Farms
Real Estate and PropTech
How does the eva academy IT-platform work?
1. Аutomated site with training, tasking and verification of tasks by business intelligence.
2. Unique artificial intelligence for solving business analytics tasks
3. We work in effective teams: qualified business analysts under the guidance of a more experienced manager and industry expert!
4. On our platform you can post or find: internships, short-term projects on outstaff model, outfer for long-term employment
Our team
  • Aleksei Shabarshin
    Student employment
  • Leo Kriukov
    B2B and B2C sales
    IT platform
    B2B order fulfillment
  • Egor Nikolaev
    Senior Analyst
    Educational Program
  • Daria Sigida
    Program Manager
    Business Analyst
whom we work with
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Eurasian Venture Academy "EVA" is a private company accelerating professions in the spheres of innovation, technology and investment.

We are engaged in the development of professional competencies and skills of specialists for technology and innovation companies, investment and state funds, for the markets of the Russian Federation, EAEU and SCO.
Since the beginning of 2015, EVA has trained more than 1,000 professionals, the best of whom hold senior positions in major Russian and international companies. Our model is based on the creation of project teams competing to solve real problems of public and private corporations within a short timeframe. As a result of the training, the participants of the winning team confirm their competence for employment in the organization that set the task. The effectiveness of this approach is confirmed by successful projects with such companies as Burger RUS LLC (Burger King), Vimpelcom PJSC (Beeline) and a number of other large federal corporations.
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