All analytics tasks
for a fixed monthly cost
-Sourcing exclusive specialists for short-term projects
-Providing a wide range of analytical services
-Providing a wide range of financial services
-Obtaining a residence permit on StartUp visa for your project
-Grant processing for your project
-Finding exclusive specialists for contract employment
-Automization of case championships for your company
-Automization of internship for your company
Our products
Analytical tasks on a monthly subscription or pay-for-performance basis!
  1. Product and business model audit
  2. Analyzing the investment attractiveness of the project
  3. Investment packaging of the project
  4. Market and competitors analysis
  5. Strategic marketing
  6. Go-To-Market Strategy
  7. Creating a strategy for entering new markets
  8. Financial modeling and unit-economics
  9. Obtaining EU residence permit
  10. Filling out grant applications
  11. Analytical posts and articles for the company's content strategy
  12. Developing a methodology for solving consulting tasks for your project
HR-marketing: case championships, automated internships, lectures!
  1. We will launch an automated Case Championship with a real practical task lasting 1 month for your Business!
  2. Introduce automated internships in your business.
  3. Build an HR funnel. Save time and free up resources for your Middle+,Senior professionals and HR department!
  4. Increase brand loyalty and recognition through public lectures!
HR services: finding the right freelancer, commercial internships, finding employees!
  1. We will find an expert or business analyst without employment! We will provide letters of recommendation and portfolio!
  2. We will find an exclusive Junior+ specialist for a paid internship!
  3. We will find exclusive specialists to sign a contract with your company.
Our mission is to free up the Resource of partners for the rapid development of their company!
JUST Get Results
Entrust all your analytical tasks to EVA!
  • Gain product insights, separate yourself from the competition and build an effective growth strategy with us!
  • Save up to 3000 euros every month with the innovative EVA model!
  • Entrust analytics to our experts and focus on product development!
  • Increase the number of analytics orders for your own Business. Get on with the strategy!
  • No uncompleted tasks and no waffle in the research!
  • You don't need to recruit staff, spend resources to find quality specialists and refuse part of orders!
Innovative Business Model, unique AI to solve business intelligence problems and IT-platform for business process automation!
  • Quality
    Proven experts and experienced analysts
    Cross-functional teams deliver the best results.
  • Speed
    24 hours and 7 days a week.
    We have automated business processes in such a way that our Specialists work on your project 7 days a week.
  • Price
    Uberization, AI and business model.
    Save up to 3,000 euros every month thanks to EVA's innovation.
What you get
Competitor analysis
  • Analysis of technology and pricing, tariffs for services
  • Estimation of marketing costs and number of users
  • Multifactor comparative analysis of competitors
Market Analysis
  • PAM / TAM / SAM / SOM market size calculation
  • Description of market trends and tendencies
  • Estimation of business startup costs in the country or region
Financial models and unit economics
  • Audit, finalization or compilation of the Business Model
  • Company financial audit and valuation
  • Audit, finalization and compilation of the financial model
Investment packaging of the project
  • Audit and preparation of investment presentation
  • Audit and preparation of financial model
  • Audit and preparation of DataRoom
Launch the project on the new market
  • Expert knowledge of local conditions, market opportunities and competitive abilities of your business
  • Calculating market size, identifying and analyzing target audiences
  • Marketing strategy development, risk and opportunity assessment
Strategic development of the project
  • Audit, refinement or development of Go-To-Market strategy
  • Project audit and implementation of Growth marketing (Growth)
  • Audit and restart of the project with a new strategy (Pivot)
Assessment of the investment attractiveness of the project
  • Preliminary project analysis (Pre-Scoring)
  • Preparation of investment memorandum
  • Preparation of Due Dilligence
What projects we have helped our clients do
Sesar Industrial LLC
Investment project packaging for an existing company in the fastener sales and distribution industry

Our services included analyzing trends and tendencies, calculating the size of the metal fasteners market, identifying the problems of the target audience, and segmenting them.

In addition, the work included detailed analysis of direct and indirect competitors, development of project strategy, calculation of financial indicators, valuation of the company and development of an investment proposal

JBH Design
Investment project packaging for an AR startup including one-pager development

In the process of work on the project we have been done: identified and evaluated trends in the world and the project region, expert calculation of the market volume of TAM, SAM, SOM and potential users, formed market segmentation by type of consumers and specialization of the team.

Also, competitive advantages were identified based on competitor analysis.

As a result, the team received an estimate of the company's value and a developed investment proposal, including an investment presentation and one-pager for effective communication with investors.

Blue Farms
Pre-scoring project for GreenTech startup
The project work consisted of: search for trends and venture deals in the international and Russian market of algae production and sales, evaluation of the TAM (Total Available Market) market capacity and assessment of product innovativeness. In addition, HR-analysis of the team's competencies and Roadmap analysis of Russian and international competitors were carried out.
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why you should
get analyzed
Conducting a study will help you understand the current market situation and help you reach a clear understanding of your starting conditions.

Moreover, conducting an analysis allows you to form an effective strategy for your company's development and forecast its potential growth. It helps you identify market opportunities and determine what steps you need to take to capitalize on them most effectively.
By taking advantage of our services, you will gain the following advantages
  • A clear understanding of the current market situation
  • Assessment of your company's current market position
  • Identification of main competitors and their performance
  • Forecasting market development
  • Formation of development strategy
  • Analyzing competitors' strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluating competitors' pricing strategies
  • Forecasting potential threats and opportunities
  • Identifying the most relevant products in your market
When we are approached

Budget shortfall

We can help your company reduce costs and get quality analysis without the need for additional investment in staff.

Lack of the right expertise

Our expert experience and knowledge is available to your company to help sort out the details and make informed decisions.

Superficial research of the internal team

We conduct in-depth and comprehensive analysis to provide you with the most relevant and useful information.

Delays in project launch

With our help, you can get fast and accurate research results without wasting your time on the time-consuming aspects of analysis.

Willingness to focus on product launch

We'll take care of all the details of the analysis so your team can focus on key business objectives.

Uncertainty about entering a new market or launching a product

We will analyze potential markets and rank them by attractiveness.

Launching a business in a new market

We will provide expert knowledge of local conditions, market opportunities and the competitive abilities of your business to help you successfully start and grow in new markets.
Who we helped
how we
Every project is different, but the order of work itself boils down to a certain typical script.
Оставить заявку
We discuss initial questions and agree on an installation call.
We break down the objectives and goals, what deliverables are needed, format and timing.
Сommercial proposal
Describe the details that will be in the results of the study.
Advance payment and start of work
After agreeing a commercial proposal, we take a small advance payment, after receipt of which we start work.
Handing in the work
Present the result. Answer questions.
Payment of the remaining part of the contract.
Completed cases
Pivot project Seshka
Comprehensive investment packaging, including the creation of an investment presentation, financial model about the valuation of the company
Services rendered
  • Second-Hand Fashion Retail market analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Financial model and company valuation
  • Full-fledged investment presentation according to the standards of the world's best venture funds
  • Sending applications to the best venture funds of the country
  • Recommendations on implementing innovativeness in the product
  • Sent applications to more than 5 venture capital funds and many business angels.
  • Created an investment presentation
  • We made a 4-year cash flow forecast for the company.
  • Calculated the company's valuation
Proptech market research
Comprehensive research of the real estate and Proptech market in 11 countries to identify M&A-targets and assess the feasibility of entering new markets.
Services rendered
  • Real estate and Proptech market analysis in 11 countries
  • Market segmentation and development forecast for each segment
  • Detailed analysis of competitors
  • Creation of hypotheses and recommendations on the most demanded technologies in the real estate sector
  • Researching trends and tendencies in the Proptech sector
  • Provided recommendations on pricing policy in the target market


  • Evaluated the feasibility of introducing the client's products to target markets
  • Selected the most in-demand technologies in the real estate sector
  • Identified the most promising M&A targets
Adaptation of the product to the needs of the target audience and development strategy of the aggregator of services for labor migrants
Market analysis of digital services for labor migrants with Customer Development with more than 50 potential customers to find new solutions to improve the product

Services provided

  • Estimation of the market volume of digital services for migrants
  • Calculated LTV of digital services used by labor migrants
  • Detailed analysis of competitors and prices on the market with a forecast of their dynamics
  • Creating hypotheses about the most important implementations in the client's platform
  • Conducting quantitative interviews with more than 50 potential clients to identify their needs


  • Formulated comprehensive recommendations for implementing new services into the client's product
  • Estimated potential revenue of the project with the introduction of new services
Mall Focus
Researches NFT
Blue Farms
Calculate cost
  • Transparent pricing
  • Effective teams
  • Payment for results
Our team
  • Aleksei Shabarshin
    Student employment
  • Leo Kriukov
    B2B and B2C sales
    IT platform
    B2B order fulfillment
  • Egor Nikolaev
    Senior Analyst
    Educational Program
  • Daria Sigida
    Program Manager
    Business Analyst
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Eurasian Venture Academy "EVA" is a private company accelerating professions in the spheres of innovation, technology and investment.

We are engaged in the development of professional competencies and skills of specialists for technology and innovation companies, investment and state funds, for the markets of the Russian Federation, EAEU and SCO.
Since the beginning of 2015, EVA has trained more than 1,000 professionals, the best of whom hold senior positions in major Russian and international companies. Our model is based on the creation of project teams competing to solve real problems of public and private corporations within a short timeframe. As a result of the training, the participants of the winning team confirm their competence for employment in the organization that set the task. The effectiveness of this approach is confirmed by successful projects with such companies as Burger RUS LLC (Burger King), Vimpelcom PJSC (Beeline) and a number of other large federal corporations.
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